Equipping leaders in the Knowledge of Truth to effectively dismantle the kingdom of darkness.

Night cometh when no man can work. John 9:4


       Reestablish Authority                      Demonstrate Power in Earth                       Walk in Righteousness                         Live Victoriously

It is time to shine and do greater works. Unlock the gifts within.  Apply truth to every situation, and experience spiritual revelation that produces tangible results!

You may have been told WHAT to do, or not to do. Now it is time to understand WHY and learn HOW.


Our curriculum is founded on biblical principles for those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, are seeking truth, and sincerely desire to not only walk in authority, but also demonstrate power in earth (from the pulpit to the pew).
In as little as six (6) weeks you can advance five (5) levels in the knowledge of the Spiritual things of God and actually witness the manifested change in your life.  At each level you will begin to dispel myths formulated by traditions and religion, heal areas in your life that have been hidden, and finally, if you choose, become a Certified Spiritual Therapist to transform the lives of others.  No matter the path you choose, completion of the course guarantees exclusive membership in the KLI Golden Circle; a community that helps others fulfill their [earthly] destiny.
As you acquire a deeper understanding about the Kingdom of God, you will receive divine instructions to lead you into All Truth; regardless how trivial it may seem to man.  
A child received supernatural instruction to find a lost toy.  
A jobless woman had money supernaturally appear in her wallet, as well as supernatural debt cancellation.


  • Become the recipient of lasting supernatural miracles
  • Understand the cause of recurring opposition
  • Rightly divide the Word to avoid religious error
  • Escape destruction due to ignorance 

If you have an ear to hear, or are able to read, It is time to learn how to operate in the Kingdom!

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.   Hosea 4:6